We have been hearing the chants ever since England thrashed Panama 6-1 & the nations belief in our team started to grow.  Now here we are, on the eve of our first semi final game since 1990.  We can only hope that they beat a strong looking Croatian team. Then we are into the final! I mean the FINAL of a WORLD CUP! It’s just not something we have even thought about after being disappointed for sooo long!  But as a business….  Are you on the ball?

Be on the ball

As with all the up’s of the England journey there have been the downs, mainly coming from fans here at home after the victory against Sweden on the weekend.  Many of us have seen the photos and videos in news articles and on social media of the fans who damaged an emergency vehicle down in London.  The fans who stormed the Ikea store celebrating the win, yet causing damage to the store.  There has also been numerous other reports of damaged vehicles and shop fronts etc., from fans who have taken the party too far.

So how on the ball are you for the semi final game and potentially the final.  The biggest game we have experienced since 1966 on Sunday??

With fans likely to be extremely intoxicated, either celebrating or commiserating, it’s likely there will again be a repeat around the country of damage and criminal behaviour occurring.  So please give your security some thought.  You may be heading into work Thursday (and hopefully Monday) with a slightly sore head – and maybe an even further headache.

If you have a premises near to a pub consider booking in some mobile patrols. Consider starting them just after the game ends to ensure there is no damage on your premises that potential thieves can take advantage off.  A marked patrol vehicle will also deter people from heading over to your premises to cause any damage.  A static guard may even be a better choice as you have a trained officer present throughout the whole night ensuring no one is causing any problems on your premises.

It is also likely that criminals will use these nights as an extra opportunity. Criminals will be counting on the police being kept busy with potential drunken fans and aggravated behaviour so it’s a perfect chance for them.

We had a big increase in call out’s for alarm activation’s following the England vs Sweden game on the weekend.  Please do ensure you have given your  security some thought.

4Forces offers both static and mobile security and we are here to assist with any of your security requirements.  The only thing you need to be worrying out is England reaching the final and bringing that trophy home!

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