Tips on choosing a reputable security firm

When it comes to security - whatever type you are looking for, manned guarding, mobile security, keyholding & alarm response, open/locks or vacant unit checks it is vital you use a trusted, experienced and competent company.  With all industries these days you come across the 'cowboy' companies, just looking to make a quick buck and not carry out a proper service.  This is NOT something anyone wants when it comes to something as important and sensitive as security.

Are you on the ball?

We have been hearing the chants ever since England thrashed Panama 6-1 & the nations belief in our team started to grow.  Now here we are, on the eve of our first semi final game since 1990.  We can only hope that they beat a strong looking Croatian team.

Keep it Local

We have all seen the hashtags, social media posts and even media support for shop small, keep it local etc., There has been a HUGE pull for extra support from communities for small businesses and locally sourced products.  The reason it's proved so popular it's because it's an amazing thing to do!

Try before you buy us

Today's focus - try before you buy.  Here at 4Forces security we pride ourselves in providing top quality service.  It's the work ethic of all our guards and the office staff which allows us to provide an exceptional service for all our clients.  This service is what has bought us a lot of recommendations, continued business and the ability to strengthen relationships with all existing clients over the many years we have been in business.

Open/Lock Security Service in the West Midlands

Here at 4Forces we have various different services on offer, but today's focus is on our open/lock service.  This is a service that has really grown in popularity.  We have a whole range of open/locks we carry out.

Construction Site Security in the West Midlands

Since 2003, 4 Forces Security has been keeping construction sites safe and secure. Intruders and burglars are aware that these sites house valuable tools and materials, making them primary targets. In addition, it can be difficult to secure the perimeters of ever changing project zones. 4 Forces' construction site security services make sure your building site remains secure whilst you and your team are onsite or away.

4 Forces Security’s First Exhibition

4 Forces Security has been providing local authorities and businesses with premium security services since 2003. Despite being an established and trusted brand, we've always relied upon traditional networking and word-of-mouth endorsements in order to attract new customers.

Meet the 4 Forces Team at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

The 4 Forces team will be exhibiting at the 'Challenge of Making Business Sustainable' event on April 25th. The event, which is due to take place at the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, will run from 10.00 am until 13.00 pm. It'll represent a first for the 4 Forces team.

4 Forces Security Guards: What Value Can They Bring To Your Business?

To some businesses, security measures are a necessary evil. It's a question of spending money in order to prevent something that shouldn't be happening in the first place; whether it be vandalism, theft or other forms of criminality. Unfortunately, crime is a fact of life and in many areas in the United Kingdom crime levels are rising. At 4 Forces, security should be so much more than a simple precaution; we want to add value to your business. We believe 4 Forces Security Guards do just that.


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