Security advice for Businesses

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Anyone else sick of putting the news on lately and seeing crime, death and Brexit everywhere?!? ... Yep, same here.  It seems that nearly everyday i watch the news on TV, read the Express & Star or look through online news it's yet another knife crime in Wolverhampton or stolen cars in Birmingham.

Get your Christmas security sorted

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As a long established security firm we always find this is our busiest time of the year.  Sadly rises in theft go hand in hand with Christmas time.  The West Midlands was reported to have the second highest burglary rate in the country over the 2017 festive period.

Lone Worker Policy

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There are more and more companies now operating flexible working hours and various shift patterns to suit the needs of the business and the workers, in many cases this means there are now more lone workers.It is perfectly legal for people to be at work alone however the law does require employers to have carefully considered and dealt with any health and safety risks.  This does of course vary from workplace to workplace.

Tips on choosing a reputable security firm

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When it comes to security - whatever type you are looking for, manned guarding, mobile security, keyholding & alarm response, open/locks or vacant unit checks it is vital you use a trusted, experienced and competent company.  With all industries these days you come across the 'cowboy' companies, just looking to make a quick buck and not carry out a proper service.  This is NOT something anyone wants when it comes to something as important and sensitive as security.

Try before you buy us

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Today's focus - try before you buy.  Here at 4Forces security we pride ourselves in providing top quality service.  It's the work ethic of all our guards and the office staff which allows us to provide an exceptional service for all our clients.  This service is what has bought us a lot of recommendations, continued business and the ability to strengthen relationships with all existing clients over the many years we have been in business.

Construction Site Security in the West Midlands

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Since 2003, 4 Forces Security has been keeping construction sites safe and secure. Intruders and burglars are aware that these sites house valuable tools and materials, making them primary targets. In addition, it can be difficult to secure the perimeters of ever changing project zones. 4 Forces' construction site security services make sure your building site remains secure whilst you and your team are onsite or away.