Security is all about trust and trust has to be earned. 4 Forces will always offer an introductory week’s worth of free mobile security patrols to businesses and local authorities when they use us as their mobile security-provider.

Sadiq, ready for his mobile security patrols

A 4 Force’s security vehicle, used as a part of our mobile security patrols – Modern and clearly marked

To book mobile security patrols, and receive your free week’s trial, contact our friendly team on 0845 003 9500 or fill in our contact form here

Mobile security patrols are cost-effective and proven to deter intruders and criminals. They consist of a mobile security officer checking on your site at requested or random times over daily, weekly or monthly periods. These regular patrols mean that your business is consisted being inspected without the need for a full-time security budget.

In addition, 4 Forces uses an ‘Active Guard System.’ This means that guards check-in at certain points on your site. This proves that security officers are following your specified routes and inspections, when you expect them to.

We’ll also strategically place 4 Forces’ signage at suitable places around your site, making it clear that the area is being monitored professionally.

The free trial includes one patrol each day for seven days, and at times of your choosing. It’s available to businesses and local authorities who book patrols over a minimum period of two weeks. We believe that within this week we will have sufficient opportunity to establish our reliability, professionalism and value.

Mobile security patrols are perfect for SMEs and other businesses that lack the need for full-time and onsite security. All of 4 Forces’ mobile security officers are highly-trained and fully-qualified. They know the towns and cities of West Midlands like the backs of their hands.

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