4 Forces Kidderminster mobile patrols fleet is an increasingly common sight. Crime is rising in the West Midlands and businesses and local authorities are looking for a cost-effective and thorough service to monitor their property and facilities.

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From our Kidderminster mobile patrols fleet

A vehicle from our Kidderminster mobile patrols fleet.

Our Kidderminster mobile patrols consist of security professionals regularly checking on your property. You simply provide us with a series of preferred times or request a number of random inspections. You may do this 24/7 on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; making them highly customisable.

Should you lack the need or budget for a full-time and onsite security presence, mobile patrols are an excellent alternative. This means they’re perfect for smaller businesses or for specific security concerns.

A good mobile patrol service will…

1) Use appropriate signage to indicate that your business is a part of the patrol.

2) Use an ‘Active Guarding System’, proving your property is being monitored.

3) Avoid covering too many businesses/properties, over too broad an area.

4) Use a clearly-marked and modern fleet of security vehicles.

4 Forces Security’s Kidderminster Mobile Patrols do all of these things and are available throughout the town. Mobile Patrols may be the best option for your business.

Contact our friendly team on 0845 003 9500 or via sales@4forces.co.uk

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