There are more and more companies now operating flexible working hours and various shift patterns to suit the needs of the business and the workers, in many cases this means there are now more lone workers.

It is perfectly legal for people to be at work alone however the law does require employers to have carefully considered and dealt with any health and safety risks.  This does of course vary from workplace to workplace.

One of the things that comes up with lone workers is the ability to monitor them so employers know they are safe on site and nothing has happened to them.  This of course is not always easy if there is no-one around for them to report too.

Here at 4Forces we offer a lone worker service.  We currently have this in place with numerous companies and it works very well.

How does it work?

It’s a very simple process and allows us to monitor your employee whilst they work alone.  Your employee is given a pin number and every hour they call up our automated check call system and input their pin.  This is then logged on our system and shows us they are safe on site.  If the employee does not call up on the hour, it is flagged up on the system so we can contact them and check they are okay.  If they do not respond to our call we can then deploy a guard to site to ensure the employee is safe and that nothing has happened.

It is a very easy system and what with having this in place with a security firm means you have the back up of a trained security professional being sent out to site should we not be able to get in touch with the employee.

Prices for this type of service start at just 45p per phone call and £35 if an officer is ever required to attend site.

If this service sounds of interest to you and is something you want to know more about please give us a call on 01902 712000, we are also available on live chat on our website and can be emailed on


For more information on lone worker policy please click here.