Security in Stafford has really been beefing up over the last year.  We have seen an increase in requests for both static security & mobile security.  This follows an increase in crime levels in the area, with theft being one of the biggest crimes committed.  It is unfortunately something we are seeing more and more of. Mainly due the numbers of Police officers are continually being cut.  It appears many business – and now even residential properties are wanting to ensure they are protected and are turning to the private security industry to help.

The biggest increase in requests have been for mobile security in Stafford.  We have numerous sites that we visit a few times each night to check on the premises. Our officers make sure everything is in order – giving the premises a very visible security presence.  This helps to deter any possible thieves hanging around.  We have all sorts of different businesses now asking for this service from office blocks to business parks.

Static security requests have seen a steady rise with businesses wanting that extra peace of mind.  People want to know that their premises is protected from theft or damage.  There has been more incidents of people breaking into sites just to vandalise them. This obviously causes so much damage for businesses.  A security guard on your premises really does deter this issue as we can call the police immediately if anyone should get onto the site.

Peace of Mind

The security of your business, premises, staff and family is of course highly important and something which really should be considered carefully.  We find so many people don’t really consider security until AFTER an incident has occurred, meaning they have already been through the difficulties and potentially lost time and money.  It is always better to think about this type of service BEFORE anything happens!  We are coming into the winter months now where crime – particularly theft always sores.  So please have a look at your premises and decide, how safe is it?

With prices starting from  £11.50 P/H for a static guard, £11.50 for a mobile patrol and alarm activation responses from £35 we offer the peace of mind you need for very competitive pricing.

Ask you can see in our about section we have over 15 years experience in security. We have worked with many, many different businesses over the years.  All our guards are fully trained and SIA licensed.  We offer professional and top quality service at all times.

If you are considering security services and want to find out more you can chat to us online, drop us an email or give our friendly team a call on 0845 003 9500