CCTV Monitoring

Monitoring your assets 24 hours a day

CCTV Monitoring

Giving you peace of mind and security; 4 Forces Security monitor your CCTV remotely, to ensure that your business has expert eyes over it, at all times. Integrating a CCTV remote monitoring service provides you with security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We place CCTV installations at strategic locations around your premises with images from each camera being instantly sent to our remote monitoring centre. Our trained operators continually monitor the activity and where required, an audible warning will be sent over the system to warn intruders they are entering an unauthorised area or alternatively, police and other personnel can be immediately notified of the incident.

CCTV Monitoring is for you as it allows an immediate reaction to an out of hours’ threat while providing 24/7 cover. We cover all size commercial, residential and construction premises. 4 Forces Security use the latest technology, Immix platform, allowing us to monitor and extensive range of systems. All our staff are extensively trained, BS 7858 screening and SIA licensed.

For more information on our CCTV Monitoring services contact us today on 0845 003 9500.

CCTV Monitoring
CCTV Monitoring
CCTV Monitoring

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We work with businesses across the UK and are committed to offering you a tailored and quality service. Our services are competitively priced and we only offer you what you need, we never compromise the quality of our services for cost.


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7th February 2019

Anyone else sick of putting the news on lately and seeing crime, death and Brexit everywhere?!? … Yep, same here.  It seems that nearly everyday i watch the news on TV, read the Express & Star or look through online news it’s yet another knife crime in Wolverhampton or stolen cars in Birmingham.

10th January 2019

Security is an important – yet often, overlooked aspect of having a business. It is an area that many people feel can be cut back on or totally scrapped in order to save on money.

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