Stafford Keyholder

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Stafford Keyholder & Alarm Response - 4 Forces

Stafford Keyholder & Alarm Response services from 4 Forces Security

Getting tired of responding to alarms at unsociable hours?

Are you concerned about you and members of staff approaching potentially dangerous situations?

Are you aware of the security needs of your business but don’t require full-time, on-site security?

4 Forces provides businesses and local authorities with a professional Keyholder service. This means we retain keys to your premises, sending our trained security staff to rapidly respond to any alarms.

Offering you peace of mind, our Stafford Keyholder service guarantees…

1) A rapid response to any alarm, meaning that a security officer should be on-site within thirty minutes

2) A security officer will remain onsite until all issues are investigated and resolved

3) A full report detailing the circumstances of the alarm

4) Complete 24/7 coverage, 7 days a week

5) A fiercely competitive and non-committal quotation, following a free site valuation

Our service is suitable for…

1) SMEs and corporate bodies with a single or multiple sites

2) Commercial and industrial estates

3) Public authorities, including schools, general practices and council property

4) Places of worship, such as churches and temples

5) Large homes

We’ve been keeping businesses and local authorities safe for over 15 years.

To learn more about our Stafford Keyholder service, please contact our friendly team on 0845 003 9500 or via our contact form here.

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