Mobile Patrols

Maintaining a Regular Security Presence to Guard your premises.

Mobile Patrols

Wherever you are based in the West Midlands, 4 Forces Security can include you on our mobile patrol routes. Mobile Patrols include marked patrol vehicles that deter potential criminals by being a visual presence in the area. This is a cost effective and highly popular service that 4 Forces Security

The patrols perform a complete exterior inspection of your premises at each visit, checking alarms, CCTV set ups, windows, doors and other points of entry. With many commercial and industrial properties being targets for burglars, vandals and other intruders, our mobile patrol services act as an effective, visible deterrent.

We have an ‘Active Guard System’ where guards clock electronic points put up around your premises. Reports are sent to you, giving you peace of mind that all checks have been made successfully. Picture evidence can also be sent, as required. The most popular types of sites used for mobile patrol visits are warehouses, factories, disused buildings, storage facilities, rural premises, construction sites and business parks. We are also able to cover residential properties to cover extended holiday periods.

As well as checking the security of your premises, our mobile patrols can also perform other services for you while we are on-site, e.g. monitoring of a piece of equipment or testing an alarm system.

For more information on our Mobile Patrol services contact us today on 0845 003 9500.

What Does Mobile Patrol Include?


Full site patrol in our tracked and highly visible marked security vans


Trained staff who can deal with any security threats appropriately


Reports on any damage or excessive littering on sites – a must on unmanned sites

Work with us

We work with businesses across the UK and are committed to offering you a tailored and quality service. Our services are competitively priced and we only offer you what you need, we never compromise the quality of our services for cost.


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7th February 2019

Anyone else sick of putting the news on lately and seeing crime, death and Brexit everywhere?!? … Yep, same here.  It seems that nearly everyday i watch the news on TV, read the Express & Star or look through online news it’s yet another knife crime in Wolverhampton or stolen cars in Birmingham.

10th January 2019

Security is an important – yet often, overlooked aspect of having a business. It is an area that many people feel can be cut back on or totally scrapped in order to save on money.

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