Vacant Unit Checks

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Vacant Unit Checks

There are many commercial properties without adequate protection and these properties can become subject to misuse and damage – either deliberate or unintentional.

To ensure that your vacant sites are kept safe and secure, 4 Forces Security conduct on-going, insurance compliant, internal and external vacant property inspections. 4 Forces Security complete a thorough inspection of the site perimeter, door and window security including all fixtures, fittings and equipment to identify any signs of attempted entry or vandalism. Our vacant unit checks can be conducted at any time of day or night.

As the owner of the vacant property you will get professional site visits under an agreed timetable, risk assessments completed, reports on states of repair and issues, check condition of premises including fly tipping, rubbish, squatters, warning if a risk increases and regular checks on meter readings, heating and locking systems and full, detailed inspection reports.

Inspection reports completed during vacant unit checks will be submitted within 24/48 hours of completion and will contain photographic evidence of the visit. The date and time of the visit is also recorded as is any meter readings.

As part of the vacant unit service we also offer the added extra service of being able to go out to site to open for any contractors who are attending the premises etc., this is particularly helpful for owners who do not have the time or are not local to the vacant premises.

For more information on our vacant unit check services contact us today on 0845 003 9500.


What do Property checks include?

• Carry out any meter readings & take photographic evidence

• Check the condition of the premises, e.g any fly tipping, rubbish, squatters, travellers

• Identify any signs of attempted entry, theft or vandalism

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